Traveler | Coffee & Tea Enthusiast | Theatre Geek | Night Person | Pisces | Foodie | Hopeless Romantic | Christian | Marketing | Anthropology | Culture | Slam Poetry

I believe that everyone has a unique story that explains who they are, and it’s our duty to listen to those stories. Listening to other’s experiences motivates me to travel the world and experience my own stories as travel has taught me more about the world than any class has.

This “about me” page is more of a dynamic template than a permanent description because I am always changing with my experiences and interactions. What I can tell you is that I love culture, diversity, and empowering others. The world is made of so many different ways of living, and being able to experience and understand it is a quality that I am proud to have learned. As a lifelong learner I readily promote a growth mindset by accepting a challenge.

I invite you to delve into my page and my blog to learn my story and make stories of your own.